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Your Business Lifestyle  & Entertainment Consultant

The most consistent way to create a powerful brand, grow your prospect list, and generate revenue, is to create compelling and actionable content.

Business Mastery

Learn how to quickly grow your personal, celebrity, or your business’ brand and become the most sought-after authority in your industry, attract your ideal client, and increase your revenue – all in under 30 days.

Media Distribution

Make sure your message is delivered across a variety of modalities – social, email, mobile, voice, and anywhere your customers are

Service Automation

Get revenue-generating, A.I.-based software to help you create content 8 times faster than ever before

Group Consulting

Get access to me and other top notch consultants, industry leaders, and experts


My focus is to help you automate and increase your revenue as well as your profits

Entrepreneur Community

Exchange with like-minded entrepreneurs as you all grow your businesses


Market Analysis

Track and view reports on all of your activity so you know what to improve

Dynamic Marketing Experience

Invented by Shaun-Patrick Parsons, the Dynamic Marketing Experience is an automated, multi-modality marketing system that provides your prospects with the exact information, products, and services they need based on their actions, time of day, current location, and predicted actions.

This speeds up your sales cycle since each prospect is receiving a custom messages, tailored specifically to help them take the action that will benefit them and make the right purchase.

Book your consultation now to have this system integrated with your current workflow.

Partial Client List

I started my career in the entertainment industry at the age of 17 and have worked with a variety of entertainment, media, and corporate companies to help each of them distribute content, increase engagement, deploy digital products and strategies into the marketplace.

And with that I’ve been responsible for overseeing the launch, market placement, top-line revenue growth, and overall success of over $300 Billion in digital advertising campaigns, products, services, and sales.

And with the launch of my new private membership community business executives and entrepreneurs will get access to private consulting, exclusive content, software, events, special pricing, and perks from hundreds of businesses worldwide.

All designed to help you grow your business, be entertained like a VIP, and enjoy the freedom of your success.

Who is 

You’re probably asking yourself, “Is this guy worth my time and attention?

 – For many readers, my answer is NO.

I can not help you get rich quick, there is no magic pill, and I don’t take the easy way out!!




Some people like to think that selling products online equals “millionaire in a month” and that is simply not true.

Sure, I have consistent revenue coming in every day – and usually on auto pilot, but it took a lot of work and frustration to get here. And I still have to show up every day to keep everything running smoothly.

If you’re not prepared to work really hard for your business, your financial freedom, your future, and your legacy, I’m not the guy for you.

If creating content for the purpose of branding, advertising and growing your business is something you don’t want to do, then I’m not  your guy.


When you start looking at strategies to grow your business online you’ll see articles, videos, and ads about getting free traffic, getting affiliates to promote for you, doing joint ventures, etc.

And yes, some of it does work, but running ads gives you control over your own destiny and your own business. You can control how much traffic and revenue you make.   Do you really want to rely on an income stream that is not consistent and out of your control?

What can you expect from Shaun-Patrick?


The plain and simple truth about your business, and how to grow it using a variety of strategies custom tailored for you.

A mix of manual tasks and automated software-based systems to help you grow, communicate, and monetize your customer list.

Actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your marketing right now, for free …which are usually followed by:

Soft sales pitches.

Yes, you will receive sale pitches from me for products and services that help increase your revenue, save you time, and give you the freedom you desire from your business.

Don’t worry. I’ll always deliver valuable and actionable strategies you can use immediately and for free.  The idea is you’ll say, “Man, this free stuff really helped me. I think I’ll try the paid stuff next.”

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